3 Very Important Words of Surrender

In the middle of mental chaos, God chose a quiet moment alone to whisper three words to my heart that I’d been meditating on for weeks. There was a time when I couldn’t even fathom saying these words, let alone meaning them. But God…He reminded me of where He’s brought me from, and the excitement of the journey ahead. And now, these three words are the prayer of my heart even if my prayer is simply “Lord, help me to mean them in the moments I don’t want to.” I invite you to read, comment, and share whatever is laid on your heart this morning. www.shellytiffin.com #Devotions #Surrender

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The house is empty…

It’s one of those rare treasures snuggled in among the chaos of the week.

Oh, there are papers to grade and chores to be done but in a rare twist, I grab a notebook and pencil instead of my computer.

This moment… quiet… peaceful… alone…

I’m breathing… and I’m thankful in the middle of it all…

Last week, my brother texted me to say that he will be reporting to court on my mom’s birthday where he will most likely be taken to prison to serve a sentence of 4 years 4 months.

Last week, a friend with a background similar to mine was hospitalized for attempted suicide.

Last week, a conversation at church led us to seriously begin praying about a mission trip to Africa this summer.

Last week, my husband verbalized that it’s time to start praying about going back into full time ministry.

Tonight, my Lupus has sucked the energy from my body, but God has filled my soul with joy and peace and gratitude.

There’s a lot going on in my little corner of the world.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be camping with my husband and kids as well as building houses in Mexico.

I’ll also welcome a nephew into this world.

When we return, it will be all hands on deck to do what we can to raise money for Covenant Community Services with our Christmas Light show.

And, in the back of my mind but at the forefront of my prayers are the dreams God’s laid on my heart.

So much is going on around me, yet in the quiet God whispers three words:




In this moment between the pages, God, and myself, I’m reminded that in surrender, there is peace. (Click to Tweet)

Years ago, I didn’t have the ability to say those words, let alone mean them.

Today, although they bring a little fear, they bring a whole lot more excitement.

Why? Because regardless of how anyone else interprets this list of all that’s going on in my life, it’s a list of opportunities for God to reveal Himself in profound and awe-full ways.

So, I just sit here breathing, enjoying the moments, thankful for the journey, and excited to see what God will do in all of it.

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