A Missions Story: Loving The People They Avoided!

A Missions Story: Loving The People They AvoidedAfter returning from our Mexico mission trip last November, I asked a friend who is a full time missionary in Mexico to send me the story of how God led them there. I love sharing stories of how God moves in our lives because it demonstrates that He is real and active. I’m excited to share Andy and Tracie’s story with you and pray that it both encourages and challenges you as it did me.


God has a purpose for our lives (tweet that)sometimes it takes years to listen and get on track with His leading and not ours.  My husband was a Corporate Manager for Safeway in Carmel, when the Lord called us to Missions. Feeling like there was more to life than chasing the almighty dollar, and a desire to obey God in deeper ways in our life, my husband took a drastic move and obeyed the Lord to “let go” of his job which led our family to GGBTS (Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary). During our time at GGBTS we knew our calling was missions, but we had no idea where. Andy had a desire to serve in Asia or Japan.

Our last year of seminary, the church where Andy served was taking a missions trip to Mexico. We thought this is the perfect time to take our 3 young boys and introduce them to the mission field as well ourselves since we had one year left before leaving to some unknown country.

My husband is “Hispanic.” He is two generations removed from Mexico and Spain, although his mom spoke Spanish only to her sisters. There was no Mexican culture in their home. Their family, unlike his cousins, had nothing to do nor knew anything about the Mexican culture. And quite frankly, Andy did not care for the culture and neither did I.

I grew up in a small town famous for the Rodeo and nearly everyone rode horses and wore boots. The town over the years started to change as the one “bad” area of town spread to other areas and the town became inundated with Mexicans, illegals and now second generation illegals.  There is an unspoken prejudice in the long standing residents by many people towards the Mexicans, I was that way too.

My family was shocked when I married Andy, being Hispanic.  I was not prejudice toward any one other culture, my best friend was Korean, other best friend Black. These cultures too, long standing residents, harbored internal attitudes toward Mexicans.

Then we stepped in Mexico and experienced a “different” culture a beautiful culture of people that we both had not experienced living in American cities with many Mexicans or Mexican-Americans.  We were blown away on our 10 day Evangelism trip. Going door to door to peoples homes in a small village, we were welcomed, embraced and loved by the Mexican people. We were impacted by the poverty, lack of education, yet the love of these humble, kind people, who treasured time over a cup of coffee. People who needed the truth of the Gospel and not the watered down versions they had been raised to believe through culture.

We came home from that 10 day trip feeling as we had left home. That was strange. So we began to pray and within a few weeks the Lord said, “It’s Mexico!” The very culture and people my husband had avoided all his life, and the people I had in years past had prejudiced…. He was sending us to.

We landed in Mexico in June 2005 bright eyed, a bit naive, and homeless (our housing fell through) for eight weeks with a family of five. We learned to trust God in a whole new way. This is a story in itself we will have to save for another day.


What I love about this story is the fact that God led them to a place they had no desire to go, and they obeyed. It’s a modern day Jonah and Nineveh story, except a whale didn’t have to spit them out in Mexico because they obeyed :). Through their obedience God has shaped their hearts and given them a love for a people group they previously avoided. 

Who is it we avoid? Who is it God is calling us to love? Are they the same?

It’s never without ups and downs, but when we trust God enough to follow Him, He meets us right where we are and leads the way (tweet that). What an amazing God we serve!

You can read Andy and Tracie’s bio and donate if you feel led at Commission To Every Nation http://www.cten.org/andydominguez/

We can be praying for them in the following ways:

  • Awaiting our final Court appointment for Hopes adoption.  Praying for all to be completed so we can start the process for her Mexican Passport and American Visa so we are free to travel with her.
  • We have 60% to raise for our budget, praying the Lord would provide financial and prayers partnerships.
  • Alec our youngest sons adjustment to moving to Rosarito.
  • To daily be filled and walking in the Spirit so we may effectively minister to those the Lord has put before us.
  • Health for Andy and Tracie

I’d love to hear more stories of your obedience or how I might be able to encourage you in taking that next step that fear might be keeping you from taking. Be sure to comment below and share this post with others.

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