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Some of you reading may be wondering why a new site and others of you reading might be thinking it’s about time.

It all started with a step of obedience to begin an adventure based on transparency with God almost five years ago. God was asking me to pursue a dream He had placed on my heart and no matter how much I ignored it, with the sound reasoning and encouragement of my husband, I couldn’t ignore God any longer.

My “yes” to God was to simply start writing. I didn’t know what it would look like or where He would take me. Of course I have my dreams, but I committed to continue even if it was for nothing but Him.

Almost 2 years ago I opened I loved the metaphor (still do), and I did liked the provocative nature of it. At the time though, I had no idea that just the name alone would be something that God would use as a pivotal turning point in the life of someone very close to me.  That journey has been for both of us and as much as I wanted to write, the story was not mine to share. So, I wrote what I could when I wasn’t consumed by it all.

The journey has also been about self-discovery.  I have discovered that I am a linguistic learner. This means that I make connections and God speaks to me when I write as I connect life experiences with His word and His voice. The more and more I write, the more and more it becomes a worship filled experience. This has become a principal way for me to flourish, to grow in connection with my Savior as He transforms me into the me He created me to be (you can read more about flourishing here).

Writing with the idea that others will read it has also become a place of accountability. When I have nothing to write, it’s an indicator that I am dry.  Words flow freely and easily when they are from the overflow of the heart, when they are a response to my daily communion with the Holy Spirit.

Now, God is calling me to a new place and releasing me from wandering the dessert of a hurt filled past. Much writing has been done over the years for God’s intended purpose of healing me and growing me. And, with a thirty-fifth birthday fast approaching, I can honestly say this girl is ready to dance in freedom and celebrate His faithfulness and never-ending love for me.

God is also challenging me with authenticity. I am drawn to the intimacy of authentic relationships and being authentic means a lot to me. It always has. In launching a website under my name, there is no longer anything to hide behind.

But as I’ve written before (here), it’s not about self-promotion. It’s about creating opportunity. It’s about being a part of each other’s stories through discipleship. And ultimately, it’s about sharing stories that point people to Jesus.

Living a life of  authenticity is not for the weak. It’s a battle field. It’s a place where the enemy attacks hard with fear and insecurity. It’s a place that opens the door to experience the pain of judgment. It’s a place that I do not have the courage to go to without my Father.

But living in authenticity provides a place of opportunity for growth, a place where God reveals himself to us and through us, and it’s a place that when we truly believe about ourselves what God believes about us, we flourish as individuals and together as family in the freedom of His unconditional love.

Will you join me? You can start by following the site by email. But don’t stop there. Share your stories with me. There is nothing more powerful than a personal testimony, and I’d love to fill this place with them. You can email them to

I look forward to learning, growing, loving, and celebrating with you all that God is doing as we walk this journey of life together.

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  • howsyourlovelife

    I just found your site and love what you’re doing! Looking forward to poking around more.

  • Mark Allman

    I wish you well with your new website and all that is happening in your life.


      Thanks Mark. It’s always good to hear from you! I pray al is well with you too!