Are You Flourishing?

Flourishing is not


  • spending time in prayer and Bible study
  • being a good mom or dad
  • having a great marriage
  • accomplishing the to-do list
  • or even living your dreams


It means “thriving in growth” according to one dictionary definition, but I like the way John Ortberg puts it in The Me I Want to Be.

“Flourishing means moving toward God’s best version of you.”

Flourishing is growing to become what God made you to be, and He is even more concerned that we reach our full potential than we are.

Flourishing is

  • “receiving life from outside ourselves”
  • “creating vitality within ourselves”
  • “producing blessing beyond ourselves”
  • and ultimately becoming the person He had in mind as he knitted every fiber of our being

Flourishing is God’s gift and God’s plan.

Let’s strive to flourish more than we strive to accomplish!

Ezekiel 16:7


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