What Breaks My Heart

God is daily molding my heart, and the more I get to know Him, the more my heart breaks for those whose hope is lost, misguided, or misplaced.  What does your heart break for? Read more at www.shellytiffin.com #hope #Christianity #devotion

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“Shelly!” I heard the concern in my friend’s voice as she spoke.

“_____, just tried to commit suicide. I just wanted you to know so you could pray. I’ll let you know when I know more.”

As we discussed a few of the possible reasons why, all I could think about was the conversation I’d had with this young lady just a couple of weeks before.

It was a divine appointment and God’s perfect timing as we discussed her future and God along with her fears and struggles. The opportunity to pursue her dreams was right in front of her, but she knew that her issues with drugs and alcohol could ruin it all.

What had caused this young lady to come to this point?

She had resorted to drinking. I’m sure sometime in the middle of it all, it dawned on her that she had just ruined the opportunity in front of her. And, for a young adult whose life hasn’t brought about many opportunities like this, it was overwhelming to think she had sabotaged her own future. She was overtaken with hopelessness.

Sadly, this is not an uncommon story.

Many, just like this young woman, are searching for hope but masking the ache of its void with temporary numbing agents.

In dealing with some of my own issues of childhood abuse, I came across the book The Wounded Heart by Dan B. Allender. What he had to say, I believe applies to the vast majority of people, victim or not, Christ follower or not.

We all have our own issues.

We all have our own wounds.

And, we are all on a continual quest to know hope and its source.

However, as Allender says, it is the enemy’s work to deceive us all about the true nature of God.

Through our experiences and circumstances it’s easy to blame God, claim He’s not good because He “looked the other way,” or because something bad happened believe He can’t be trusted.

Where, then, do we look for Hope if we don’t trust its source?

Anywhere else.

Everywhere else.

Even those of us who know Christ, are prone to search for hope in the idols of independence, wealth, and even family. And, we certainly are not excluded from worshiping the gods of drugs, sex, or alcohol either.

This, my friends, is what breaks my heart.

This is where my heart aches for people, and my eyes see with the compassion of Christ.

For all of those whose hope has been lost or misguided or misplaced, whether Christ follower or not, my prayer and deepest longing is that you come to experience the healing power and life transformation that Hope provides.

In the last four months, two people I know have tried to commit suicide, a family member has gone to prison, and former student has discussed almost daily his battle in desiring the quick fix. All the result of lost, misguided, or misplaced hope.

Daily, I encounter young teens doing the same. And, sadly most of the time, the enemy wins.

How can my heart, having known their desperation and deception, and having the experienced the satisfying cure Hope has to offer, not do anything other than break as I watch them choose less than the best for themselves.

God is daily molding my heart, and the more I get to know Him, the more my heart breaks for those whose hope is lost, misguided, or misplaced. May my life be the porch light that welcomes them home. You are invited today to read, share, and participate in the conversation. www.shellytiffin.com #hope #Christianity #devotion

Who is searching for Hope?

Everyone, including me.

And, the closer I get to Him, the more His Hope illuminates my life from the inside out.

So, as I go to dinner to say goodbye to this young woman, I’m thankful that in searching for Hope, she’s seen His light in me. I’m grateful that Hope has not given up on her and never will. I’m confident that the same life transforming Hope that resides in me will also radically consume her and transform her life as well.

And, my heart’s cry for her is the same as it is for many, maybe even you.

Stop trying to wash your wounds.

The infection is much deeper than you realize.

Your desire for a quick cure is just as deep as your desire for heaven.

Please don’t take the cheap cure and miss the path to a lasting taste of heaven and the Hope that resides there.  (Prayer is a rewording of Allender’s words from The Wounded Heart)

For those of us who know Hope, there is always some area of our lives where we are in the “searching” phase. Where do you need to find Hope?

And even when we are searching for hope, we are called to be bearers of Hope. Are you connected to the source? Have you flipped the switch to leave the porch light on?

What about you?

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  • Maureena

    I just came across your article, and it has really helped me today. My faith has a very strong foundation, but when I lose hope, I feel it shaking, and that scares me the most, as I don’t see how one day I can feel so strong, and the next be so lost. Reading your words on hope have sparked a light, and I feel that I can build mine back up again. Thank You! I look forward to reading your other articles.

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  • Holly

    I think everyone struggles time and again with feeling like they’re at the end of themselves. I’ve found support systems are my best bet. I know some people (when they’re hurting) become seclusive (which I believe is an outworking of shame). I think that’s why I want to encourage people to speak– don’t keep it pent in! Find safe places and people where you can do that. Anyway, good stuff Shelly!

    • http://www.shellytiffin.com Shelly Tiffin

      That’s one of the things I appreciate about you Holly. I love that you are real and encourage others to be honest with others and themselves.

  • Beverly Terry

    I am a follower of Christ with bipolar. I have long learned to not listen to my feelings. When they tell me there’s no hope for me, I say to them, “foolish feelings, that’s not true.” My hope is in Christ, but every day I have to fight the bipolar to accept it. I learned one big lesson. We don’t have to believe our feelings. I hope this helps someone some day.

    • http://www.shellytiffin.com Shelly Tiffin

      Thank for sharing so openly Beverly. I learned something similar in my early 20’s. My saying was, if my heart and my head don’t match, it’s not God. In other words if what I’m feeling doesn’t match what I know to be the truth of God’s word, it’s most likely the enemy.

  • Mandi Ahce Harris

    Lack of hope seems so prevalent today. Thank you for the reminder to show hope.

    • http://www.shellytiffin.com Shelly Tiffin

      You know Mandi, I had no experience with it at all unitl a couple of years ago with a college student in my class. Then, nothing for a few years. It’s just been this last few months that it’s really becoming prevalent in my life. But that’s also because in the last year, I have began intentionally placing myself in the lives of others. Thanks for reading.

  • Mark Allman

    My father committed suicide 5 years ago this February. Try as we might my brothers and sisters could not pull him out of the darkness he was in. I know his darkness was absent of any hope. It stills hurts. My sister said “we sorrow with hope”…. we still do.

    • http://www.shellytiffin.com Shelly Tiffin

      Thank you so much for sharing. I read your comment this morning and have been meditating on “we sorrow with hope.” I pray the Lord continues to heal you both and shows you a way to bring purpose to the pain.

    • http://www.shellytiffin.com Shelly Tiffin

      Mark, I appreciate you sharing that. I meditated yesterday on the idea “we sorrow with hope” and what that means. Praying for continued healing for you and your sister and that your dad’s story will be used for a greater purpose.