Let’s Rethink This!

Let's Rethink This! "Rethink" Common C.O.R.E. Bible Study www.shellytiffin.com

What is the point of spending so much time gaining an understanding of the scriptures if we don’t do anything with it? After spending a significant amount of time in the academia of Biblical text, we should have not only knowledge of the scripture, but understanding as well. Now, it’s time to move that to […]

Understanding Scripture Through Common Core: Part 1

Understanding Scripture through Common Core: Part 1. I’m super excited for this series as it combines several of my passions and will hopefully serve the dual purpose of helping other understand a piece of the Common Core as well as learning an easy method of studying our Bibles. www.shellytiffin.com #CommonCore #BibleStudy

(I’m stepping away from my normal format and voice for this series to use my teacher voice on a topic I’m passionate about.) I believe we are lazy Christians, myself included. And by nature of the “American” way, let’s blame it on something. Let’s hold our educational institutions at fault. They, after all, were the […]

Taylor’s Story Continued with Visual Processing Disorder

visual processing disorder

About a year ago I wrote a post about our youngest daughter, Taylor, who had been tested by an educational therapist. His diagnoses were Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders as well as ADHD. You can read post here if you have not already to catch up on the back story. And again, I tried to keep […]