Giving Like No One Else Part 2: Entitled Heirs

entitled heirs

What kind of heir am I? There’s the entitled kind who squander their parents fortune under the guises of “general office and administrative expenses.” Or, they sue their brothers for cutting off their $10K monthly allowance before heading off to a rehab center named after their family. Or, they end up with names like “million-dollar milk-fed […]

Give Like No One Else Part 1: Giving Money on a Guilt Trip

giving money

I don’t know about you, but growing up in the church I have heard plenty of messages from the pulpit on money, giving, and yes- building campaigns. However, the older I become, and the better I know my bible, the more concerned I get about how messages on money are communicated to the church. When […]


We're debt free

How do I even begin to put into words the profound influence Dave Ramsey has had on our lives? Let me just break down the past 3 years for you. Dec 2009 bought and read The Total Money Makeover. Upside down in house, $25K in student loan debt, $15K in credit card debt. Jan 2010 put […]