Christian Tween Cell Phone Contract And Why It’s A Must!

Christian Tween Cell Phone Contract

Picture your little girl or guy sitting on the couch with their device in hand playing Words with Friends. He or she is so precious to you. You’d do anything you could to protect them. In fact you’ve already… disabled Safari and installed another internet browser like K9 or Mobicip AND set restrictions on their […]

So, How Do I Explain The Difference Between Praise And Thanks to My Kids?

The Difference Between Praise and Thanks

I know my focus has been a little more on children lately, but that’s probably because I’ve spent a lot of time working on materials for our churches Bible Camp. It’s Vacation Bible School, we just don’t call it that. So, between writing materials for the Bible station and being so excited about all that […]

Reinforcing Choices in Kids with the Best Question Ever

What is the best question ever?

    “What if there was a question that would clarify your best option for ninety percent of the decisions you make in life—a question that answers just about everything? It would have the potential to foolproof your relationships, marriage, finances, calendar, pace, and health. It would reduce the complexity of your life. It would save you time, money […]