The Hidden Costs of Hope

Hope is more valuable when it costs us something whether giving or receiving it. What has it cost you? #hope #missions #Christianity #Devotions

 “You really should stay home and rest.” This was the response from several family and friends when they found out that we were going to Mexico with a teen that had been diagnosed with pneumonia just five days before leaving, and when my youngest came home from school just hours before departing with a fever […]

A Missions Story: Loving The People They Avoided!

A Missions Story: Loving The People They Avoided

After returning from our Mexico mission trip last November, I asked a friend who is a full time missionary in Mexico to send me the story of how God led them there. I love sharing stories of how God moves in our lives because it demonstrates that He is real and active. I’m excited to share Andy […]

How to Love with a SMILE

How to love with a smile

There are literally hundreds of posts talking about “The Top Ten Reasons to Smile.” While some are more business oriented, some are more health oriented, and some are more orthodontics oriented, there is one thing they all seem to have in common. Smiles are attractive. According to Mark Stibich, Ph.D, “We are drawn to people […]

Forgiveness Found in Prison


I am so excited to present a guest post by Jennifer Allison. I only know Jennifer online, but through this process have come to see she is a true sister in Christ. Our stories have some similarities, but even more important is that our hearts share the same passion for loving the God who saved […]