Taylor’s Story Continued with Visual Processing Disorder

visual processing disorder

About a year ago I wrote a post about our youngest daughter, Taylor, who had been tested by an educational therapist. His diagnoses were Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders as well as ADHD. You can read post here if you have not already to catch up on the back story. And again, I tried to keep […]

Taylor’s ADHD and Learning Disabilities Story!

Taylor's reading second grade

I tried to keep this short, but I’m condensing seven years into a blog post. I share all of this to offer hope. If you know of someone who this has affected, please share this with them. When our youngest, Taylor, turned 3 we began the journey to reading just as we had with her […]

“Better Than I Deserve” and Thanksgiving!

Better than I deserve!

Why is it when you find yourself alone in a car for hours your mind takes you on journeys that are only as good as the ones you can get from time spent with a good therapist? Seriously! Spend some time alone on the road with no radio, pray that God would use the time […]