“Rise and Shine” – 7 Gifts of Saying Yes


  I wrote and published a children’s book. Writing that sentence still seems like the dream it was seven years ago and not the reality it is today. However, as I held Rise and Shine and read it aloud, I realized just how many gifts this book represents. Gifts that are for myself but hopefully […]

What is hope?

photo credit: Denis Collette...!!! via photopin cc 
frame and text by: Shelly Tiffin

That’s an important question to ask ourselves in this season of sharing hope. It’s not that we don’t know what it is, but hope is an abstract concept that’s hard to put into words. Last year, we partnered our Christmas light show with Covenant Coffee (a local charity that employs emancipated foster youth) and their tag […]

Resounding Prayer

I don’t like awkward silence. Do you? I will talk about anything just to keep people talking, just because the silence is so uncomfortable for me. This can translate to my prayer life as well. Between being a teacher and a writer, words are not something I’m usually short of. I’m an observer of life and if […]

A Missions Story: Loving The People They Avoided!

A Missions Story: Loving The People They Avoided

After returning from our Mexico mission trip last November, I asked a friend who is a full time missionary in Mexico to send me the story of how God led them there. I love sharing stories of how God moves in our lives because it demonstrates that He is real and active. I’m excited to share Andy […]

Does driving 5mph over the speed limit undermine your parenting?

“Please take your clothes to your room.” A common request I make of both my girls. One more than the other has offered this reply since she began speaking. “K. Just a sec…” Five minutes later…nothing. “I’ve asked you to do something.” “I will, just let me finish this.” Five minutes later…nothing. At this point it’s […]