Clanging Symbols of Self-Promotion

clanging symbols of self promotion

This idea of selling oneself or self-promotion has been a topic that comes around for discussion every now and then in our home, especially when this husband and wife are dreaming big dreams together.

It came up again recently with our Christmas lights. My husband has been building and putting together a light show for the past two years. However, this year we partnered Covenant Community Services, an organization that supports foster/emancipated foster youth in our community. We held an event in which their coffee truck came to our home, and people could see the light show, purchase coffee, and/or donate to the organization.

When it came down to it, the only way to raise funds was to make people aware. This meant saying, “Hey, come check it out!” even to complete strangers.

It was a little uncomfortable at first, but the reality is we were asking people to come to an event that their family could enjoy and that benefited an amazing organization. It was a win for everyone. So, what was there to be afraid of?

The answer: People thinking it was self-promotion of our Christmas Lights and not about raising awareness and funds for Covenant.

I had to push passed that.

Then, in a Facebook group started by Jon Acuff that I belong to called “30 days of Hustle” a post came up that said something like “I guess everyone is okay with shameless self-promotion here.” That got me thinking about this idea again.

Should we self-promote? No, but Yes!

It should never be about the self. It should never be about me.

However, it should be look at what God has done in me. We are commanded to praise the Lord (Psalm 150:1-6) which is often described with the sounds of horns and clanging symbols. I also think of the idea of making a joyful noise which runs throughout Psalms.

Not only that, but we are commanded make disciples as we are going (Matthew 28:19) which requires the use of our actions and often our words.

Yes, I have a blog. But why do I want people to read it? Why do I want people to read anything I post on any social media site attached to my name?

It’s because the Lord has made it clear I am to share Him with this world. I am to clang my symbols loud in praise. I am to shout to all the earth, “Come and see what He has done!” I am to live in a state of continual thanksgiving.

Then, if my cymbal clanging gets people’s attention, I will use it to fulfill the Great Commission using the gift of teaching that God has given me.

I must do something.

I must say something.

I must take action.

That means I’m going to share, whether spoken or in print, about what God is doing in my life with everyone.


 No one can argue with my story.

It’s the single, most powerful witnessing tool the Lord has given me.

When I allow myself to be vulnerable and transparent with people, God not only draws others to Himself, but He reveals Himself to me in new ways every time.

So, if you read something I post and think now there’s a shameless self-promoting plug and it rings in your ears like a gong, know that I am just making a joyful noise.

Realize that I am clanging my symbols in praise because I know a good and loving God, and this world needs to know Him.

Should our lights not shine so brightly people can’t help but notice? And, should we let fear of what people may think stop us? What are your thoughts on self-promoting?

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