Evangelism Is As Simple As Sharing a Story. It’s Time to Start!




Yes, it’s a race! This isn’t C25K, where you take time to build endurance. The gun has been fired.

We must live in the reality of numbered days. We live then we die.

So, Start.

And yes, I know it’s the name of Jon Acuff’s new book. And yes, it was the encouragement from the pulpit at my church the a few weeks ago. But long before that, it was a word spoke by God and recorded in our “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth,” and a message He personally laid on my heart.

God has given me a very clear directive: “Share My love with others.”

For me that statement is a combination of the great commission and the great commandment.  And…well…really, I’m not the only one with this charge.

However, it’s much easier to assign these roles to missionaries, rather than to own them as directives straight from the Lord to us. But that’s what they are.

God didn’t say, “You know, if it’s convenient, while you are out today, could you find someone to share my grace with?”

Our Commander in Chief straight up gave us marching orders!

“As you are going…”  which includes:

  • When it’s inconvenient…
  • When you just don’t feel like it…
  • When it’s hard…
  • When it hurts…
  • When you’re afraid
  • When it costs you something…

In all these times, in every moment, with no excuses, let others know who I am and what I have done for them… for YOU!

There are only two responses: yes or no.

One of the easiest ways for me to do that is through sharing my story. So, while finding time to get the book proposal together and/or write seems to be rather challenging these days, my Jesus has taken my face in His hands and looked me directly in the eye and affectionately whispered, “No more excuses! Just get started! When you are faithful in the opportunities I present, I will open the doors for more.”

Yes, Lord.

Then…twice in five days the opportunity to share my story with young girls in junior high and high school presented itself. Yes, Lord, I will declare that I am the daughter of King, a loving King, who heals, forgive, restores, loves, and encourages me on.

A new opportunity walked into my classroom yesterday in the form of a student teacher. There is always an opportunity. And while these seemed to fall in my lap, I must be intentionally looking for them.

Yes, there is risk. In sharing my story, I risk a lot personally and professionally. But that’s what I am called to. The same God who made me and has walked with me through every step of this life will continue to have my back as I move forward.

Evangelism used to be a word that evoked shear terror. But sharing a story with someone about what God is doing in my life isn’t scary, in fact it’s rather easy and sometimes even exciting. I mean, come on, we have no problem sharing with our friends about the latest and greatest gadget that they just have to try. So what’s the difference?

Sharing the stories of what God has done in my life. That’s evangelism. That’s being a missionary. That’s fulfilling the mission I have been placed on this earth for. And although I will never measure up to the Master Storyteller himself, the same power that transformed lives through Him then, lives in me now.

Our days are numbered.

Our breaths have been counted.

I don’t want to waste a single one.

Lord, help me “win one more for Jesus.”

So, the gun has already been fired. The race is taking place now.

When will you start? What holds us back from sharing with Jesus with those we meet? Why does the term evangelism have such a terrifying connotation to many? Please share your thoughts.


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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15407298451410284750 Mark Allman

    I admire what you are doing. I do think people want to hear your story… and not us preaching to them. What we have been through holds much more sway than us telling them what they should do. Lead them that way through our own stories. For everyone has one.

    It is a risk to share you failures and your weakness but being vulnerable is being courageous.