Five Minute Friday: The Garden, Sin, and Love

The garden, sin, and love!

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Today’s word: Garden


The Garden was a place of perfection. Every creature, every plant, everyday. It was a place where God had fellowship and conversations with His creation.

Yes, even mankind, was just as it was created to be. That sin nature, that we all curse Adam and Eve for, was there in their being when they were made.

There was nothing to hide… all was bare, transparent, and just as it was created to be.

The serpent didn’t create that in them. It was already there. All he did was make us all aware of it.

God loved us so much that even sin was a part of His plan. He did not create perfect beings who loved Him because they didn’t know any better or have any other option. He created us with the ability to choose to Him.

Adam and Eve were the first characters in this love story of God’s passionate pursuit of His people, but there are many more to follow, and still even more to come.

God’s reaction to this very first sin should give us a huge insight into His love for us. He loves enough to discipline us, yet walk beside us through the consequences. He loves us despite our “imperfections” (but how can we call them that when He created every one of them). He loves us more than we love ourselves. He loves us not matter what.

He will never stop loving us!

God’s love is the only love in this world that will ever truly satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts.

I pray you know this kind of love today!

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  • agapetheologian

    Thanks for posting!!! Awesome

  • Robin Lee

    Beautiful Blog…I love the pictures of the
    daisies, too!

  • judith heaney

    This is a beautiful image of God and his love. That his love does not depend on who we are or what we do, no matter how messed up we are or feel. That is definitely something worth celebrating!

    • Shelly Tiffin

      Thanks Judith, and thanks for the idea.

  • christywillard

    His love is the greatest love story ever told. Some days I cannot wrap my human mind around this kind of love. And yet it’s there, for me and for you. Thank you for the reminder!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life