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Who doesn’t love to hear a good story? Do you have one? Share it with us!

Please take a moment to review these guidelines BEFORE you make a submission.


I think the most successful guest posts for our reader community are those written with a story format. I’m not looking for posts with an “I have all the answers” style, but more of a “this is what I went through and learned…” feel. The main goal of my blog is to share moments where I’ve seen God show up and teach me something through people or the world around me.

Post Length

Posts are generally most successful when they are 500-800 words long. However, if your story is so riveting that it necessitates more words, aim for around 1000 words. For longer posts, be sure to use headings and short paragraphs in order to increase reader engagement.

Original Work is Preferred

Please make sure that your work has not been previously published. At the time of posting, the piece submitted will be owned by and you agree to this when you submit a piece for consideration.

For Work That is Not Original

If you have a story that you feel would greatly benefit the readers AND the contribute to the message of this site BUT has already been posted to your own personal website, it may still be submitted. However, by submitting the piece you agree that when posted will own the rights to the content. Please make sure that the piece submitted contains no more than four links within the body of work.


PLEASE make sure that you triple-check for errors prior to sending me your piece. I may do minor editing if I notice any spelling or grammar errors. However, I will not do any major edits to your work. If major editing needs to be done, I may contact you with suggestions. If this piece is not a good fit for me or the community I serve, I will politely let you know, thanks, but no thanks.


Please include a short bio with your piece so that readers can get to know you and find you online. A couple of sentences about yourself will do. Feel free to include a link to your blog/website and a social media link or two (Twitter is especially helpful for when I publish and advertise the article!).

How to Submit Your Work

Send all submissions via email

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.