Hurry Up and Wait: Red Lights With God

Do our to-do lists honor God yet steal His glory? It’s possible if we go through life failing to wait on God. Here’s why we need more red lights with Him. #Christianity #Devotions #WaitingonGod #Faith

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Have you ever been in such a hurry that you tossed speed limits out the window along with your kindness as you raced from light to light seemingly stopping at every one?

And with each red light you hit, that ugly “Oh you better get out of my way” monster starts announcing his presence in your soul with comments like “Come on!” and “We don’t have all day people!”


Never happened to you?

(I’m raising my hand in back of the room hoping no one will notice)

While this is hopefully a once every now and then occurrence, I fear it’s more prevalent than we realize. And, in a place we don’t realize: our spiritual lives.

As Christ followers, we’ve got things to do, assignments from God, works that He prepared for us in advance, and we are busy doing our Father’s business.

  • We love and serve our spouses and do the same for our kids.
  • We love on kids many weekends at church and sing “Jesus loves me” in the form of worship ballads.
  • We spend time mid-week with our small groups or in Bible study.
  • And maybe we even minister to the community around us sometime during the week as well.

We squeeze in “quiet time” where we can, and for those of us that work, there are fourty-ish fewer hours to do it all in.

These things are not wrong. They are not bad things. In fact, they are all God honoring things, even our work.

The question is…

Can my to-do list honor God yet steal His glory at the same time?

Um, yes!

See, doers like me often live in go, go, go mode. It’s as if we live life with a never-ending green light. And, if a red one ever pops up, it can frustrate, anger, or even completely stifle us.

Yet that is exactly what we need.

We need more red lights with God.

I need more red lights with God.

If I’ve been out of the routine for a while, I can get impatient at these lights and feel like I’m telling God to hurry up.

But the more time I spend with Him, the easier it is to wait. In the waiting I get to experience God.

Waiting on God allows me to see and hear from God. (Click to Tweet)

I like the way John Piper puts it in Desiring God,

“To Wait! That means to pause and soberly consider our own inadequacy and the Lord’s all-sufficiency and to seek counsel and help from the Lord and to hope in Him. (Psalm 30:20-22; Isaiah 8:17). Israel (was) rebuked that they ‘did not wait for His counsel’ (Psalm 106:13). Why? Because not seeking and waiting for His help, they robbed God of the occasion to glorify Himself.”

We need to intentionally create more “red lights” in our days with God.

Red lights remind us… that the work is His to do, we just get the privilege of being a part.

Red lights remind us… that He loves us more than He wants to use us.

Red lights remind us… that it’s all about His glory, not ours.

Red lights cause us to wait.

And, when we wait on God, the glory is 100% His and 0% ours, just as it should be.

Do our to-do lists honor God yet steal His glory? It’s possible if we go through life failing to wait on God. Here’s why we need more red lights with Him. #Christianity #Devotions #WaitingonGod #FaithLet’s not get so busy doing for God that we fail to do it all with God. (Click to Tweet)


Let’s not forget that God loves us far more than He wants to use us. (Click to Tweet)

Let’s hurry up and wait on God.

Waiting on God = less work for us and more glory for Him! (Click to Tweet)

This week I’m going to take a cue from the red lights I encounter while driving as visual reminders to mentally stop, pray, and wait on God.

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  • Auggie Mueller (Auggment)

    really agree with “Red lights remind us… that the work is His to do, we just get the privilege of being a part.” we often need the reminder or go out and count our armies thinking how great we are.

    • Shelly Tiffin

      Yes, sometimes it’s really easy to steal God’s stage. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • dilemmamike

    Raising hand from back of room! I am a doer as well. It’s hard to slow down and wait. I guess it all comes down to trust. I must not trust God enough.

    • Shelly Tiffin

      For me, sometimes it’s trust, but most of the time I’m just in a mode and completely forget to let God handle it.