It’s not How. It’s Why!

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HOW is the wrong question, but I ask it all the time.

How do I make that or even find the time?

How do I become a better a person or a better parent?

How do I know what to do or which direction to go?

How do I fulfill the purpose to which I have been called?

And this is where I have often times sat…stuck.

It’s quicksand. The harder I try to pull myself out of it, the more it drains me. It leaves me drained of physical energy and emotionally dry. It brings me to the place where I am ready to quit and finally ask myself why am I even trying?

But wait…That’s the right question: WHY?

Why do I care?

Why do I want to do that or make that?

Why do I want to be a better person or a better parent?

Why does it matter if I know which way to go or if I should even keep going?

Why do I continue trying to do what God has called me to?

The question is one of desire.

Why? Because God loves me.

He didn’t call me so that I could serve Him. He called me just so He could love me.

This is the reason why.

When I ask the right question, I realize that my desire is to show God how much I love Him.  When that realization sets in, it motivates me to keep trying. It brings a determination without discouragement through my dry spells. My sense of duty comes from a desire to worship though obedience. Duty completed out of love, well that’s worship. And when I’m in a place of worship, I don’t want to leave.

So Why do I get stuck on the How? I think Rick McKinley, author of A Kingdom Called Desire, says it best: “I still find it easier sometimes to believe God called me to use me, rather than to love me. It’s safer, it’s quantifiable, it’s something I can control.” I become consumed in the how when I am trying to accomplish something. When I rest in the Why, my focus is on Christ, and I allow Him to bring His perfect plans into fruition.

Lord, it is always first about loving you! When I rest in your love, the How becomes clear and easily puts itself into action.

Have you ever asked the wrong question? Where has it gotten you? What could changing the question in your life do?

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