Joy in The Presence!

Joy in the Presence

Lately, I have found joy in being present. It’s hard to be in any moment with no distractions this day in age, but when I am intentional about it, joy is there to be found both with people I love and with the God I love.

Last night I found joy in being present, mind and all, with my 8 year old daughter as we enjoyed a “Secret Keeper Girl” experience. It was loud, and it was intimate, and it was pure joy.

There was plenty to distract us. I saw many phones out and plenty of mother’s disengaged. But in the middle of the chaos and extravaganza, we were present with each other.

I listened as she told me the story of when she asked Jesus to be her forever friend and praised the Lord that not only was she His, but that He has allowed me to be the one to lead her to Him.

And, I listened when she shared that the part of her body she didn’t like was her heart. She explained that she had made some unwise choices lately and that her heart was full of sin. She didn’t like that feeling even though she knew she was forgiven.

This mom looked her in the eye, dumbfounded by the depth of her 8 year old mind, and explained how the sinful heart would never go away and that only Jesus had the power to help her overcome her sinful heart. Then with tears explained the importance of asking Jesus for His help with it. I’m sure someday she’ll find something superficial about herself she doesn’t love, but until then, what joy to know that she understands what truly matters. What joy that the Father has allowed me to be such an integral part of her relationship with Him.

I’m also finding joy like I’ve never had before as I embark on this writing journey God has me on. My mind is focused on Him throughout the day like it never has been before. I see Him in ways that used to go unnoticed and our continual communication has brought to me more joy than I thought possible. And, then there are those times when He and I sit down for hours together while I’m writing. Those moments I have no words for and find myself coveting time for.

There’s happiness and there’s joy.

Joy doesn’t fade; it sustains as we are connected to it’s source.Tweet This

Sitting in that auditorium last night with hundreds of screaming teens waving their hands and dancing around pretty much reminds of the amount of distraction each our of days hold. If we want to stay connected to our source of joy, we are going to have pick up our Bibles (or whatever tool we use), sit in the middle of it all, and be in the moment.

Whether it’s a child in our lap or a conversation with the Father, the screaming world around us will become a dull roar when we figure out how focus intentionally on what matters most.

The gift of joy is found in being present!Tweet This

Where do you find joy?

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  • Michelle

    Love this post. Love that your little girl loves Jesus so much already. So awesome. Visiting from five minute friday.

    • Shelly Tiffin

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Andrea

    I appreciate the gentle reminder to relish the moments of JOY with the ones whom God has given us to love… Too often we can get caught up in life and forget what really matters… leading our children in the ways of Christ… Thank you for bringing that back in focus… :)

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for sharing, Shelly – all so true! We have to be deliberately on the lookout for those moments of joy!

  • Raki (Outside the Box Mom)

    What a strong force when a mother listens to her daughter DESPITE OF distractions. Isn’t that all they want? That’s what I want to be to my daughter, too. Keep up the good work mom!