What are we searching for?

If we were to ask this question even just a decade ago, I’m not sure there would be a way to have just a tangible definitive answer, but it’s 2015.

And, we all use one major source to do the searching.

Do you know what you searched for most in 2014?

Here’s what Google has to say we searched for most. And please take note of the very first word you see on the screen.

Did you catch it? We search for hope.

That explains why the number one search in the world for 2014 was Robin Williams. He got to a place where he had lost all hope.

We are curious about this living and life-giving, what some call and emotion and other’s call Christ, hope.

It motivates us.

It drives us.

Without it, we wither, and some even perish.

We are ALL searching for hope.

Even Christ followers, who know Hope personally and intimately, search for evidence of Him daily.

We are ALL searching for something that may just be hiding in plain sight. www.shellytiffin.com #hope #dreams #devotions #Christianity

(Or at least it should!)

Let me ask you this. Have you ever played hide and seek with children?

I have two children of my own and we’ve played many times.

One time we played, I decided to sneak into the laundry room and hide in the laundry basket. First of all, a grown woman doesn’t fit completely in a laundry basket and especially not a tall one.  I did what I could to cover myself up and just blend in with the dirty clothes. While it’s not the first place most would look, I didn’t put myself in a place where I knew they’d never find me unless they gave up.

And, when my children did start to lose enthusiasm, when they began to get frustrated, all it took was a tiny giggle, a small sound of hope, to get them reengaged.

If Christ, our father, is our Hope, we must remember that Hope is also hiding in plain sight and joyfully calling out to us.

And if Christ isn’t your source of hope, I argue the same. Hope is all around us, we must only be aware of its presence.

The difference between the hope of the world and the hope of the Christ follower is the difference between a feeling and an expectation.

Regardless of its source, hope is what we are searching for.

The question is have you found it?

And if you have, are you bearing it?

What about you?

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  • Mark Allman

    Hope is what allows us to face hardship and continue on. We rely on it when things seem bleak and out of control. We all need it and we all need to place that hope in the One who can deliver on hope.

  • http://www.secondiron.com/ Charles Johnston

    Oh hope how it shines a light in the proverbial tunnel, gives us reason to rise in the orning and peace to sleep at night.

  • David Mike

    Hope deferred makes the heart sick.