Sharing Love with a Conversational Heart!

Photo by Bob Fornal cc2.0

Photo by Bob Fornal cc2.0

Just in case you haven’t noticed, the season of love is upon us those little boxes of conversational hearts are everywhere.

This week many will spend time, energy, and money going out of their way to show friends, family, and even co-workers just how much they care about them.

Many chocolates, cards, and roses will be purchased.

Couples and families will make reservations and sit at tables in restaurants being served a meal.

Kids will decorate cards, attach candies, and pass out notes of endearment to classmates.

Many men will spend most the week fretting about how to perfectly execute this year’s outward display of affection, some of them more so that they don’t get in trouble than out of an actual desire to express their love. Women too.

The thing is, why exactly do we go to so much trouble?

Is it a response of love or duty?

Are we more afraid of what people will think if we don’t do it, than considering the consequence of improper motive?

And speaking of motives… there is nothing wrong with participating in Valentine’s Day. However, there are a few things we should remember as we celebrate this season.

  • The thing is, we are supposed to demonstrate love every day, not just this one day (John 13:34). It is to be something that we are to be so filled with that it spills out of us onto everyone we bump into. In fact, we are to be known by our love.
  • We should also seek out the “unlovelies,” not just those who return the gesture, not just those that we want to make an impression on, not just those for whom it’s convenient. The cross was not convenient. It was for everyone, you and me, even for those who would never accept the gift of it. We need to go out of our way to find someone who needs to know they are not forgotten.
  • Feburary 14th is about celebrating love! The Easter kind of Love.

We should be so thankful for the life Christ has saved us from that our conversation is filled with the new life He has brought us to.

“So my heart will sing to you. I can’t keep silent. Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever.” Psalm 30:12

So my prayers are this:

1. My prayer is that we, Christ followers, are so compelled by the Love who gave His only son “to make a wretch His treasure” that we notice the Father-less in this world. May we focus less on conversational candy hearts and more on having the conversation-filled kind, sharing the only love that really matters with those who need it more than on anyone else.

2. And for those of you who don’t know this kind of love, the kind that formed you, sacrificed for you, unconditionally loves you, a love like nothing in this world can offer, I would love to be the one to introduce you to Jesus.  He has taken the pain of past hurts and regrets and transformed it into a gratitude so deep that my only response is to say thank you by sharing all He’s done. He continually seeps into the dark places of my heart and exposes them for what they are, so that my relationship with Him can be deepened and strengthened. He has promised to love me and to never leave me or forget about me despite myself. And my God has kept His promise. I do not deserve to be loved the way He loves me, but I do not want to imagine my life without it. (Feel free to contact me

His love brings hope. His love brings life. I pray you find His love.

Let’s practice sharing with a “conversational heart!” How has Christ’s love has changed your life? Or what are some ways in which you have gone out of your way to share His love with others even when it’s “inconvenient” and seemed “fruitless.”

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  • Mark Allman

    We should never need a special occasion to tell others they are loved either by us or by Jesus.

  • Justin M. Davito

    Thanks for your post! We need to serve each other more than just on a holiday. :)

  • Janet Bianco

    Shelly this is a beautifully accurate description of Christ’s love for us and His call to be His love for others. Thank you for sharing this–made my whole day!

  • Traci

    Nicely written shelly…love reading these…

    • Shelly Tiffin

      Thanks Traci! It will go out on social media tomorrow.