The Power of Words

If you haven’t seen this video it’s worth the watch.

My husband showed this video to me, and I physically choked up and became teary-eyed. Unfortunately, I know how true this really is. It really hits home with me because I feel that I don’t do a good enough job being positive with my words.

Something as simple as remembering a student’s name can bring a smile to their face and make them feel important. That’s why I spent a total of an hour today learning 105 kids names. I’ve also watched that smile when a kid shouts down the hall, “Mrs. Tiffin” and the anticipation of does she remember me? crumble when their name is nowhere in my memory to be found. It’s a crushing blow to me and them. I feel like I’ve undone the relationship I spent the previous year building all over one word, their name.

As a mom, I have experienced how my words in the morning set the tone for the day. I hate to admit that I have sent my girls off to school defeated before they ever got started too many times.

Psalm 19.14

Photo by: D Sharon Pruit
Verse and border added by Shelly Tiffin

I also know as a mother of tweens, how refreshing it is when words of kindness are used with a sister. When I acknowledge those positive words with my own, I can see the feeling of mom’s proud of me written all over her face.

Words have the power the change our outlook and attitude.

They have the power to give life and to take your breath away!

Like the video states “change your words, change your world!”

Recognizing the positive in others and being positive with our words is easier for some more than others. I struggle with it but recognize that the more closely connected to the Father I am, the more beautiful people become, and my heart is softened. When I am filled to the brim with the love of my Savior, He is what spills out on the people I bump into.

What about you?

(Updated 1/5/2014)

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  • Renee Barry

    Thanks for this post. I’m terrible at remembering names and matter of fact I want to stop saying that — I’m getting better at remembering names :-) You are right — it doesn’t feel good if they have remembered yours or you have the nerve to try to introduce them to someone you are standing with and you can’t remember their name — can you tell I’ve been there???:-) Anyway, I’m getting better at remembering names — I write a lot of them down as a reminder. Our words are critical –especially to those we love — check out my blog post It’s been one that I’ve been working on and sharing. God bless you and thanks again for sharing.

  • Judy Roberts

    I have found that it is not only our words that can make all the difference but also the tone of voice we use when we utter those words. We may be speaking words of life but those words will not be received if we are voicing them without love.

    • Shelly Tiffin

      I agree. Tone is so important and it’s the biggest issue in our home. It doesn’t help that I can be a very sarcastic person. By the way, nice post!

  • Mark Allman

    That really is an awesome video! I am sharing that with friends. Thanks for posting that.

  • Mark Allman

    I take notes not names… that’s your job LOL

  • Mark Allman


    My first reaction was WOW!! I then read what you wrote and I so agree with what you did.

    Remembering someone’s name is powerful. It makes them think “I am worthy”. What better present could you give?

    My daughter is a teacher and she works to make her students feel worthy and special.

    I admire what you did there memorizing all those names.

    Sometimes I take names about people I meet and people I know so I can review them and when I talk with them I am able to talk about things that mean something to them. I need to do that more.