There’s One in Every Crowd. Is it you?


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text: Shelly Tiffin

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Today’s word: Crowd







There’s usually one in the crowd.

As Jesus travels during his three short years of ministry, crowds follow Him. Most of the time He addresses them, sometimes He feeds them or performs other miracles, and occasionally someone from the crowd musters up enough courage and faith to approach Him, even if to only touch the hem of His garment.

Which one are you?

Most of us don’t have the courage it takes to simply outstretch our arm towards what we know we need most in this life.

However, when we do, we will find we are not alone.

There’s a new crowd on the other side. A community even. The woman at Jesus’ feet was not an isolated incident.

  • Friends lowered a man through the roof of a house (Luke 5:9).
  • A father was almost crushed by the crowd trying to get to Jesus to save his daughter (Luke 8:42).
  • A centurion sending elders to beg Jesus to heal his servant (Luke 7:3).

And there are many more.

Stepping out in faith doesn’t mean being all alone. It often means replacing the old with new. Replacing an old way of thinking with a new one. Replacing old friends with new ones. Replacing old comforts with new challenges. And, replacing fear with faith as Christ embraces that outstretched arm, helps us to our feet, and leads us into community.

Are you willing to risk it all and step out of the crowd into community Tweet This?

Is it you?

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