Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars



Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

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Today’s word: Small




Isaiah 40:18 (NIV) With whom, then, will you compare God? To what image will you liken him?

I love stars. Still do. The only problem is that I live in a city with some of the worst air pollution in the country, so we rarely see them.

But when we get out of here, one of the first things I notice at night are the stars I rarely get to see.

They seem so small yet they create so much beauty. Those tiny little dots glitter up the night sky like fractals of diamonds. And when I am truly in the moment I want to sing that childhood song “Twinkle, Twinkle, little stars…”

We know, however, that stars are not small. They truly just seem small from our perspective here on earth.

I think sometimes I see God like I see the stars.

From this earthly perspective He is beautiful and His majesty blows my mind, but I let Him stay small in this distance.

I let Him have His place in nature. I see Him every time I go to the beach or the mountains. I see Him in my bible and morning devotions. I see Him in my answered and unanswered prayers. But I don’t truly fathom that His presence never leaves me.

God is not small, nor is he distant.

Stars are truly huge masses of plasma fueled by nuclear fusion whose only relative size we can compare them to is our sun, and God made them.

Not only that, there’s no way of knowing just how many there are. The expanse of space is vast and scientists continue to find more and more.

God made them all.

I need remind myself that God is more like the sun I see every day than the stars that glitter the sky at night.


  • He is bigger than I can fathom or contain.
  • His love warms my days.
  • He is active and moving.
  • The Holy Spirit literally brings life to my soul as Vitamin D from the sun.
  • And as the sun is our energy source for life, so God is the giver of life and He sustains all that is.

Isaiah 40:18 (NIV) With whom, then, will you compare God? To what image will you liken him?

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  • Julie Anne

    Oh that is soo true… thinking of God as small and far away! What a beautiful reminder of our all powerful, ever present God!

  • Kim Jones

    That is really beautiful! What a reminder to our hearts of His constant presence.

    • Shelly Tiffin

      Thanks ladies. And MrsKimIsMyMom I always need that reminder! It’s hard to realize that I have broken the connection sometimes until I find myself feeling all alone.

  • sarahjoknits

    Wonderful reminder – thank you! <3

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday — Sarah Jo