Understanding Scripture Through Common Core: Part 1

Understanding Scripture through Common Core: Part 1. I’m super excited for this series as it combines several of my passions and will hopefully serve the dual purpose of helping other understand a piece of the Common Core as well as learning an easy method of studying our Bibles. www.shellytiffin.com #CommonCore #BibleStudy

(I’m stepping away from my normal format and voice for this series to use my teacher voice on a topic I’m passionate about.)

I believe we are lazy Christians, myself included. And by nature of the “American” way, let’s blame it on something. Let’s hold our educational institutions at fault. They, after all, were the ones who produced adults that do not have the ability to deeply contemplate and study scriptures. They were the ones that have produced a generation of people who sit in classrooms and pews to be fed another man’s interpretation of “the meaning of life.”

Everywhere we turn someone has the answers we are looking for. We Google it, YouTube it, and even Facebook it to ask our “friends” before we “decide for ourselves.” Information is at our fingertips; opinions and interpretations fill the air waves every waking moment of the day.

It’s no wonder in a society where all we have to do is listen and choose a side that we’ve forgotten just how to read something, dissect it, question it, and take meaning from it for ourselves without influence from the outside world.

Such is the kind of student we have produced. So, it seems natural that as a Christian having grown up under this educational regime that the habits of study used in the world of academia would then naturally transfer to the study of the scriptures.

What we know have is a generation of people who look to every one and everything to interpret the scriptures for them.

However, the scriptures themselves speak to the fact that this should not be.

Before Jesus left this earth, the Bible tells us in Luke 24:45 that “…he opened their (the disciples) minds to understand the scriptures.”

And so, if we have what we need to study and understand the Bible, but we’ve become lazy in doing so, how do we change it? How do we create students of scripture that analyze the precepts? How do we create students and eventually a society that think critically about the text so as to provoke life change?

Is that not precisely the aim of Common Core?

Yes, I said Common Core.

I am a Christ follower first and an educator second. I’ve spent over the last year immersed in the Common Core and have found that it does precisely this.

While it’s not a perfect system, and I don’t agree with every component of it, I do get excited over students who are learning to think for themselves. I see the potential of the future being unlocked with every question, with every sentence of commentary they write trying to explain how the text demonstrates their beliefs, with every moment of self-discovery as to who they are and what they believe.

I’m tired of seeing post after post on Facebook or the like spew nothing but fear that comes from a place of ignorance. The truth is, even as an educator, I don’t know everything about common core.

BUT the parts I teach I like…I really, really like.

So, my friends, let me share with you just how the Common Core can help us to think critically about the Bible, analyze the scriptures, and gain the understanding that was a gift given to us by Jesus Himself in Luke 24.

For the next few weeks, I will teach you just how to read a passage of the Bible just as I would teach my students to read their textbook.

To help us remember it, I’ve chosen to use the acronym C.O.R.E. And, for the sake of time, we will spend only 20 min a day over 6-7 days engaged in the process.

It’s a method. It’s not my interpretation of what the Bible says. It’s a just a way for us approach the text that will lead us to greater understanding and help us to meditate on His precepts and fix our eyes on His ways (Psalm 199:15)

You don’t have to be a scholar to do it (my seventh graders do it every day).

But, I’m convinced that maybe if we could see how Common Core applies to gaining understanding of the scriptures, then maybe, just maybe we would think twice before jumping on the “Common Core is the Antichrist” bandwagon.

After all, even God uses the folly of man to save souls. (Click to Tweet)

“… For when the world with all its earthly wisdom failed to perceive and recognize and know God by means of its own philosophy, God in His wisdom was pleased through the foolishness of preaching [salvation, procured by Christ and to be had through Him], to save those who believed. “ (1 Corinthian 1:21, AMP)

Next week, I will explain in detail the “C” in C.O.R.E which stands for Comprehend and represents DOK 1 (if that’s another language for you don’t worry about it). If you want to be sure you don’t miss it, make sure to subscribe so that you receive each post in your inbox. Click Here To Subscribe!

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