We're debt free

How do I even begin to put into words the profound influence Dave Ramsey has had on our lives? Let me just break down the past 3 years for you.

  • Dec 2009 bought and read The Total Money Makeover. Upside down in house, $25K in student loan debt, $15K in credit card debt.
  • Jan 2010 put the first budget into place and began tithing a full 10%.
  • March 2010 I was pink slipped as a teacher.
  • April 2010 paid off all credit card debt and cut the plastic up for good. Began saving like crazy due to pink slip. Started searching options for the house that was going to an adjustable rate in August.
  • May 2010 I was laid off.
  • June 2010 I was rehired to teach Jr. High.
  • Summer 2010 spent trying to short sell our 1200 sqft home that we paid $276, 917 for.
  • August 2010 purchased a new home 2100 sq ft at $225K.
  • September 2010 Bank of America accepted short sell and we sold the old home for $115K.
  • Fall 2010 I am hired at Fresno Pacific University as an adjunct professor
  • June 2011 Kyle starts new job with and increase of $21K in pay.
  • With CA education system in the pits we made large payments to student loan, but also worked on building our emergency fund because my “security gland” couldn’t handle it.
  • May 2012 with 3 months emergency fund in the bank, we set our eyes on the student loan.
  • October 2012 attended Dave Ramsey live, decided to pay of the last $12,500 of Kyle’s student loan.
  • Held off on paying the student loan off until we knew if Prop 30 (CA) was going to pass.
  • December 4, 2012- Paid off the last $11,500 of the student loan.
  • December 4, 2012- Find out Kyle will be getting off “the mountain.” He will no longer have to drive 1 hour and 15 min through the canyon to get to work.
  • We are currently debt free, except for the house, paying off a total of $31 K in 3 yrs. Or if you don’t count the house, $40K in non-sellable debt.
  • Next-We are officially on step 3 and trying to refi the house to a 15 yr mortgage.

During these past 3 years we have been a part of leading 4 groups through the FPU curriculum. Kyle listens to Dave daily on the radio. His principles have truly brought a peace into our home that we had never known before. Because of all of this, I wanted to take my husband to the Dave Ramsey Live event Long Beach for his birthday. Then, I was watching Facebook one morning and saw a post from the Dave Ramsey team to watch for a big announcement in 20 min. I refreshed my phone every couple of minutes, then seconds as it got closer. Finally the announcement of free tickets for the first 100 people to sign up for the event came across the screen. From my phone I worked as fast as I could to get them and I did. I even tried for a second pair, but they were sold out by then.

I was so excited to share with Kyle that I had won tickets, but as I began looking at what was offered, I realized that we could meet Dave. Oh, I knew that would be such a gift to my husband and wanted to give it to him as his birthday present. So, I bought the backstage experience tickets.We gave the free ones away to a couple at church, and it was so worth every penny.

In the backstage experience we had a professional photos taken with Dave. We also received two signed copies of TMMO.

There was about 20 minutes before he had to be backstage to mic up, so Dave took questions from the audience like he does on the radio. Kyle and I say there blank for a couple of minutes but finally came up with a question about retirement. Kyle raised his hand and Dave answered it.

As part of the package we sat in the first five rows of the convention center. This is Kyle’s shot of him and the other 9,000 people that were there.

While Dave was speaking, I started looking up how much we still owed on student loans and realized we could wipe that baby out. I think we will save our Debt Free scream for when the house is paid off too. That will call for a trip to Nashville.

 One of the added bonuses of the trip was the opportunity to meet Jon Acuff. This of pic is of him telling the story how he realized he needed to use his platform to give back. He raised enough money in a week to build two kindergarten classrooms in

 Vietnam. It got me thinking again about my dream.

We had so much fun and it was a fun celebration of how far we have not only come in our finances but in our faith as well. God has us on a journey and we are never finished. There is always more to learn, more ways to grow, and more that He has for us to do.

Then at the break I had the opportunity to have Jon sign my copy of his book Quitter.

While in line, I kept toying with the idea of mentioning the blog.

When I shook his hand I said, “You are living my dream job. I want to write and speak just like you and Dave are doing.” He asked me about the message and I gave him my blog site.

Have you ever read something that changed your life so drastically, not including the Bible? Is there a particular speaker you listen to, that each time you hear, you walk away a different person? Please share. We are all looking for new ways to grow.

We're debt free

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