What Will You Choose Today?

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photo credit: iphwin via photopin cc
text: Shelly Tiffin


Life is a living out of the choices we make Tweet This. Sometimes we live in the grace of choices made wisely, and at other times, in the wake of consequences from the not so wise ones. Regardless, choices made today can and will impact our future. So, today, what will we choose?

Will we choose to start and end this day in surrender to the One who created it or go about or day as if we are the ones in control?

(If you’ve never made the choice to surrender to the One who made you and loves you more than any other, I’d love to walk you through that. Email me shelly@shellytiffin.com.)


Will we choose to love each person (Mark 12:31) in our path today or simply not notice them because we are too busy? Will we pull up to the man holding a sign hoping the light stays green, so we don’t have to stop or make eye contact, or will we choose to have a care package ready to hand him?  Will we choose to let someone get in front of us that seems in a hurry or scoff when we feel they crowded whether in line or on the road?

Will we choose to be filled with joy (Romans 15:13)? Will we let a 12 year old (or any age) ruin our day or will we demonstrate the kind of joy that can’t be snuffed out by another?

Will we choose to use our words to speak life (Eph 4:29) into others or tear them down with sarcasm, quips, or flat out anger? Will find ways to encourage and affirm others building them up, including those who mock and scoff at us and demonstrate what it means to repay evil with good (1Peter 3:9)?

photo credit: Sasquatch I via photopin cc

photo credit: Sasquatch I via photopin cc

Will we choose to be content wherever God has placed us with however much He has given us (Phil 4:11), or will we allow ourselves to fooled into the mentality that there is something bigger and better that we just have to have?

Will we choose to be last out the door, last through the door, and last to be seated (Luke 14:10) as we make sure others needs are met, that they are honored, and that we do not think of ourselves more highly than we should?

My ability to choose wisely and be hilarious (a rule in our house is to be hilarious coming from the Greek root of cheerful as in “God loves a cheerful giver”) about it is directly affected by my time in the Bible and my sleep. Knowing this, I must make it a point to spend ample time in the word and in bed. For me, these two choices are the foundation for all the others. If I don’t lay a good foundation, well we all know what happens to the house built on sand. Right?

Ultimately, it’s all a choice. And, our choices don’t just affect us. Remember? “Solo performances” aren’t allowed.

Our choices determine our legacy and have generational impact. Tweet This


So, what will today bring? The results of choices previously made and a whole lot of new choices to make.

My prayer is that we all choose in such a way that “they (anyone we come in contact with) will know us by our love” (John 13:35).

No pressure!

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  • http://ogg55.blogspot.com Barbara Ogg

    I love this post! I love everything about it. I especially love how you let everyone know they could contact you if they wanted to know Jesus as their savior. I have determined I really like you! May God richly and abundantly bless you according to all His riches in Christ Jesus. May the peace of God dwell in your home. You are right it is a choice and I pray I start making better choices. Thanks!

    • http://www.shellytiffin.com Shelly Tiffin

      Thanks Barbara. I read your post and it seems we think very much alike. I truly enjoy the fact that God uses all tools, even the internet, to connect His sons and daughters to each other!