One Thing We Should Wake Up And Say!

One Thing We Should Wake Up and Say! I have to admit the first two times I heard it, I was really turned off. It was my pride that kept me from realizing it's power. #pride #humility #mantra #devotions #Christianity

I have to admit the first two times I heard it, I was really turned off.

We’ve been to Mexico to build houses with our church three times now. This last trip in February, we heard the same message from the same man for the third time. For some reason though, this time, instead of being turned off by it, I got it.

What is it?

“I suck. That’s what we should wake up every morning and say. God, I suck.”

It’s okay to cringe now. I get it. I did the first two times I heard it. And, I still did a little the third time.

In our culture that’s saturated by memes and mantras that empower us to the “I can” possibilities of every day, it’s no wonder you’re probably thinking well that’s crap.

I mean seriously, who wants to wake up each day with such a negative mindset. I mean what happened to Jesus loves me?

Why Do We React This Way?

Why do we react this way? It boils down to one thing…


In the land of opportunity and possibility, we’ve allowed the messages of “I can ___” to infiltrate even our church culture.

See, the reason I reacted this way was because I missed the point.

Pride says ,“I can.”

Humility says, “God, I can’t without you.”

Pride says, “I have the ability.”

Humility says, “God, you have the ability to, so please do.”

Pride says, “With enough hard work, anything is possible.”

Humility says, “On my own this is impossible, but with you everything is possible.”

Ask pastors and counselors how many times they’ve had someone come sit in their office and confesses pride problems. Seriously, there’s a great irony here.

The Power It Holds

What this man was really saying that we need to wake up each morning and admit our need for God.

However, I’m not sure those words would have been as impactful.


Because my name is Shelly Tiffin, and I am proud.

I’m fiercely independent. I’m the graduate-early-with-honors, competitive, accolade seeker, and I struggle with relying on God in the day to day.

It’s not something I do on purpose. I know I need God.

It’s something I realize after the fact, and something I dislike about myself more and more.

I admitted to my small group the other night that this is one of the reasons I enjoy pursuing large dreams and following God sized plans.

It forces me to depend on God and not myself. When I circle in prayer things that are far more than I can imagine, I rely on God to provide it.

It’s also one of the reasons I love to write. Through writing, God shows me very clearly where He is working and how. He also reveals my sin in a way that I can see it and accept it for what it is.

And, since I’m aware of it, and I’ve confessed it, I have to work on it. The thing is, I can’t do it on my. Only God can clean up this mess in me!

The Point!

And, that’s the point. Isn’t it?

“God, I need you,” might be a more socially acceptable.

However, when the first audible declaration of the day is “God, I suck!” I’m instantly put in my proper place with the right perspective for the day.

If we suck, we need God.

If we suck, everything we are is because of Him.

If we suck, we take ourselves off the throne and put God back on it. (Click here to read an article I wrote for online magazine on this topic).

This is where we find hope.

Being positive is a good thing, but sometimes we need to hear the unsugarcoated truth over and over before it can penetrate the noise of the memes and mantras that keep us focused on ourselves.

So, let me leave you with a thought for today.

You suck.

If you don’t like it, you’re a part of the world’s largest club.

At least you know you’re not alone.

What about you?

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  • Charles Johnston

    Will have to try this as we wake up full of pride and ego that we forget the real brokeness in which we go to Him. I have been embattled in a light vs darkness struggle lately that is changing me by humility and humbleness like I have never known. I know I suck ..admitting is the hard part at times.

    • Shelly Tiffin

      I agree. Admitting it is difficult to do.

  • David Mike

    I agree with you. How many times have I tried on my own and failed? Everything I do turns to dust. I need to be surrendered and dependent on Him help me through this life. It doesn’t mean that it will be any easier but it will be worth it. And will have Kingdom impact when the focus is on Him instead of me.

    • Shelly Tiffin

      Amen to that!

  • Chris

    I wake up every morning thanking God that He loves me. I’m a son of my King. Jesus didn’t die for a bunch of good-for-nothing sinners. He died for sons and daughters. I look in the mirror and see Him looking back. He likes to live inside of me. It’s so awesome. The key is knowing exactly who we are in Him. Jesus didn’t die on the Cross to expose my sin, He died to take it off of me. That’s the beauty and power of the Gospel. So, I wake up each day to walk in love. I see others as I see myself. Created in the image of God. Valuable and full of worth. I don’t need to get up and say “God, I suck.” Lol. That’s not even in my vocabulary. I already know I need God. I am nothing without Him. I don’t want to be a better me. I want to be a better Him. God bless.

    • Shelly Tiffin

      Chris Martin You hit it right on the head. We are nothing without him! That’s the point. All of us would say we know we need God, but do we truly live like it? And yes, Jesus died to take away our sin, but the light of his holiness also exposes it. The closer we get to him, the more our flaws, sin, “suckiness” is exposed. The whole point was to share my reaction to it over the three times I’ve heard it. Most seem to be having the same reaction I did. I guess it’s grown on me. :) Thanks for taking the time to participate in the conversation. I truly appreciate it.

  • Danielle

    I wake up every morning and before my feet even touch the floor I say, “Thank you, Lord, for another day.” Because each and every single day is a gift and I know without doubt that I would not make it through the day without Him. He is greater than I can even imagine and if He says I get another day…what a gift, what a treasure, what a blessing. Yes, I suck…I get told that by others regularly…but I’m going to wake up each and every day and thank my Lord for each and ever day. I’m going to put the focus on Him…not on me.

    • Shelly Tiffin

      I agree with all of that. I guess for me, putting the focus on Him means humbling myself. I truly believe that was the intent of the speakers saying. It’s not that what God made (me) sucks, it’s that we are nothing without Him. When I recognize my need for Him, my focus is then on Him and not on myself. I totally understand where you are saying though. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. They are very much valued here.